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In the macro, it goes through a simple rotation and a modifier to use Holy Power (combo points), while at the same time popping cooldowns. Frost Lazy Macro – 4.3 • WoW Lazy Macros Note the use 13 is for the 1st trinket slot, the startattack is to autoattack your target when you start spamming and go to next enemy when they are dead. Useful macros for warriors | WoWWiki | Fandom powered by Wikia

Your inventory slots (Blizzard calls your character's equipment slots "inventory" slots for some reason) are numbered. Macros can refer to different slots with those numbers. 13 is the top trinket slot. 14 is the bottom one. So instead of "/use Bloodlust Brooch", just do "/use 13" if it's in your

This brief Wow macro guide will teach you how to use items in a macro like potions, trinkets, belt tinkers and more. Adding macros to your dps, tank or healing rotation makes you a better player and more handsome than the next guy. Get creative! If you look at some of the top guilds they work bombs into their dps rotations! Can you believe that? To be top dps and heals, you have to utilize every single CD you have at the right times. On Use Trinket • WoW Lazy Macros you need to be using GSE 2.3.07 then the following will work. Assuming its in the top trinket slot, /use [@player] 13. if its the bottom slot /use [@player] 14

I'm trying to make a make that includes my 2nd slot trinket, does anybody know what the item # for it is? Log In with: Fanbyte Register Get Premium Feedback English This site makes extensive use of JavaScript.

Using, Equipping, and Managing Items with Macros - After the trinket's initial equip cooldown expires, this macro will then use the trinket if pressed again. Note that if you're in combat or otherwise unable to switch items, this macro will be unable to function. Using items by what inventory slot you have them equipped to is possible with the /use inventory slot command. The slot is a number ... Example Of Using A Trinket With A Spell: | World of Warcraft ... To make maximum use of this macro you will have to make sure that your "use" trinket is in the same item slot. This is because all items on your character has a slot number. For example, your Weapons, offhand and mainhand, have the slot numbers of 17 and 16, and your relic, wand, or ranged weapon slot number is 18.

Hi, I want to add Deceivers Grand Design buff to my Vuhdo UI, but Im not sure about how to do it. Ive tried with a bouquet, but when I cast trinket no icon is added to panels. How could I do it?

Jun 26, 2012 ... This macro casts Icy Veins, uses the Engineering Gloves and uses the ... Just typical stuff really, 13 = trinket slot 1 (trinket slot 2 would be /use ... PvP Specific Macros - PvP - Icy Veins Forums Target team mates I use macros like these, as it is much quicker than ... /use 15. Belt. /use 6. Trinket slot 1 (top). /use 13. Trinket slot 2 (bottom). Macro help, please!!! - World of Warcraft Forums - Blizzard ... Hey guys, this is my macro for using stealth out of combat, and using shadow dance when in combat/not in stealth, and then using symbols of death after shadow dance in the same ... Nov 6 1. Copy URL. View Post. If I'm correct, you can't use two trinkets at the same time. ... /use 14 for second trinket slot.

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Macro to use Trinket Slot 1? - Off Topic - Arena Junkies Macro to use Trinket Slot 1? - posted in Off Topic: Im looking to make a macro that will use which ever trinket I have equipped in the first slot (or second - it doesnt matter which) so that I can have each bound to the same hotkey when I switch between them.